Aluminum Composite – ACM Panels Cladding: Benefits for Commercial and Residential Buildings in Canada

Aluminum Composite – ACM Panels Cladding: Benefits for Commercial and Residential Buildings in Canada

Aluminum is one of the most common elements on Earth. As a building material, it is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and durable. Using aluminum in construction isn’t new, of course. It was first used for building in the 1930s. Today, it is experiencing renewed popularity in both the residential and commercial sectors. This is due in part to aluminum composite panel cladding and other state of the art products.

These creative options open up new possibilities for architects and building owners. Keep reading to discover what aluminum panels can offer your building, today.

Benefits of Using Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding 

Using exterior aluminum panels in Toronto building projects offers enormous advantages. Compared to other options, builders and building owners can expect:

  • Superior durability
  • Impressive safety ratings
  • Cutting edge design options
  • Unparalleled eco-friendliness
  • Exceptional cost-effectiveness
  • Ease of maintenance 
  • Complete process control

These advantages hold true across building and project types. Both residential and commercial buildings of all sizes can benefit. 

Durability and Safety of ACM Panels

Exterior aluminum panels on buildings in Toronto last more than half a century. Aluminum is resistant to:

  • Dents
  • Insects
  • Warping
  • Corrosion
  • Water infiltration and damage
  • Fire
  • Rot

Simple-to-install panels provide businesses and homeowners with decades of curb appeal. They are impervious to most forms of abuse and wear and easy to keep looking great. 

They also provide improved safety, making it easy to meet residential and commercial building codes. In addition to fire resistance, aluminum cladding boasts an impressive strength-to-weight score. It can be used to construct buildings that withstand all sorts of harsh weather, disasters, and other abuses without suffering structural damage. 

Cutting Edge Design Options

Aluminum literally underpins modern building construction and design. Innovative designers continue to come up with new uses for exterior aluminum in:

  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Firewalls 

Aluminum can be manufactured in nearly any shape, size, or color desired. This creates endless opportunities to design creative, attractive structures

Retrofitting vs. New Construction

Aluminum panels are great for new construction. They are equally appropriate for use in retrofitting existing buildings.

In part, this is because they can be made in specific sizes and shapes. This allows for their economic use in even complicated or unusual building projects. They can be especially useful in updating or rehabilitating sites for new uses. 

Element Integration 

Since aluminum can be used to frame, cover, or support almost every aspect of a building from windows to doors to siding to roofs, it creates unique opportunities for cohesiveness through large, oddly shaped, or complex buildings. 


Experts know that the sky is the limit when it comes to how to use exterior aluminum panels to design eco-friendly buildings in Toronto. Properly used, aluminum building materials can: 

  • Improve natural lighting within buildings
  • Support solar energy systems
  • Lower buildings’ energy consumption year-round
  • Improve insulation and energy ratings
  • Allow renovation of existing buildings rather than demolition and replacement


Aluminum is one of the most highly recycled materials in the building market. Recycled aluminum takes only 5 percent of the effort and inputs to create that new aluminum does. As the metal can be recycled almost indefinitely, this makes it one of the most eco-friendly building materials available. 

Buildings constructed with aluminum products can be largely recycled themselves when they reach the end of their useful life or need a redesign. Moreover, some costs can be recouped by selling the aluminum for recycling, creating a win-win for building owners. 

Reduced Demand for Other Resources

Using highly-recyclable aluminum products reduces demand for less renewal building materials. Experts estimate that for every six vehicles’ worth of metal recycled in building products, an acre of trees is saved. 

Cost-Effectiveness of ACM Panels

Cost is often an important concern for builders considering if and how to use exterior aluminum panels in Toronto. Yet aluminum panels are extremely cost-effective. 

Actual cost is, of course, determined largely by the size, style, and amount of panels ordered. Highly customized panels will likely cost more than standard sizes and designs. 

In some cases, aluminum may not appear particularly competitive with other materials at face value. However, once the lack of maintenance, durability, safety, and other factors are accounted for, it quickly rises to the top as a winner. 

Aluminum is 80 percent cheaper to manufacture than most other common building materials. This savings is passed on to buyers, to their great benefit. 

Additionally, in retrofitting cases, aluminum paneling can sometimes be attached to or around existing structures. This can save huge sums in renovation and removal costs. It also reduces the amount of time, energy, and frustration that goes into renovations for building owners and occupants. 

ACM Panels Ease of Maintenance 

Aluminum cladding requires almost no maintenance. As with any exterior, it may benefit from periodic hosing down to remove dust and other debris. Aside from that, however, homeowners and commercial building owners can enjoy decades maintenance- free.

Even in damp or otherwise unwelcoming weather, aluminum will not rot, mold, discolor, chip or otherwise suffer. Aluminum exteriors will hold their color without fading. They can also be repainted or recoated should the owner decide to change building colors down the line. 

Complete Process Control

Many experts in the aluminum cladding field offer comprehensive services including:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Supply and fabrication services
  • Installation
  • Project management  

Building owners can get aluminum cladding:

  • Manufactured to their precise needs and specifications
  • Fabricated and delivered using just-in-time production processes
  • On short notice
  • Inexpensively
  • In single or multiple batches

Working with experts, building owners can almost entirely eliminate waste and delays in building:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Finishing processes.

This creates savings and benefits for users at every step of the way.  

Discover What Aluminum Cladding Can Do for You

If you have a Toronto building project in your future, you owe it to yourself to explore what aluminum composite panel cladding can do for you. Whether or commercial or residential, you may be amazed at the options that await. 

Don’t delay. Let Toronto’s aluminum panel experts help you plan your next building project today!

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